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HANNA THE RED is neither a game nor an investigation. It's your mission - and the first real-time historical fiction created by Anita Hugi, co-written by David Dufresne and illustrated by Anja Kofmel

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General strike, November 1918: step into modern Europe’s Year Zero

You are the archivist of a Swiss bank, assigned to destroy all traces of the 1918 General Strike. The story of one of its protesters, Hanna, catches your eye. Will you do as you’re told? Or will you follow her trail through Europe, seeking out revolutionaries in Paris and elsewhere? What choices will you make? Whose side are you on?

Most of the situations in Hanna the Red are inspired by historical facts; some are fictional. The same is true of most of the protagonists. All actual statements and events reported here are sourced.

Updated and published as the real events of November 1918 unfold, the story plays out live. A true fiction with hundreds of choices and hours of adventure.

Notifications for every new development

Experience Hanna the Red as what it’s intended to be: the first historical fiction published in real time. Enable notifications for the full experience.

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A visual immersion

With visual design by Akufen Studio and animator Anja Kofmel (Chris the Swiss, 2018 Critics’ Week Selection, Cannes), HANNA THE RED captures the atmosphere of revolutionary Mitteleuropa, in black and white with slashes of red.

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Creator: Anita Hugi

Anita Hugi directs and produces linear and non-linear art documentaries. Recent projects include the documentary film “Undine” (2016 LiteraVision Award) and the interactive documentary DADA-DATA, co-created with David Dufresne and Akufen (Grimme Online Award, Culture Category 2016 • Boomerang - Grand Prix, Documentary Site or Application • Numix - Best Digital Production, Culture).

Hugi has produced and co-produced some one hundred films. Her production company, Narrative Boutique, is dedicated to the production of non-linear and linear art documentaries.


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